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Anonymous The Future of America: What If This Happens?

There's a reason the DPRK is pursuing nukes. They see what the US has done around the world, in Iraq, Libya, and trying to do in Syria, with it's allies, and they refuse to let it happen to them without dealing equal damage. The US says it's all about freedom, and democracy, but when it comes to international law, it's their way, or none at all. But there's one thing that bothers the world the most, it's that people think there is a military option to North Korea, there's isn't. At least not without consequences that would put the nail in America's coffin, regarding it's position as globally beloved leader of the free and Democratic World. The moment we decide it's military option, is the moment millions of South Korea civilians will INSTANTLY die, the blood on the hands of those we made the decision, the same decision on Iraq, Libya, and almost Syria. Attacking the DPRK, is when the world with turn against the US, because the decisions the US and it's allies makes effects everyone, and everyone's been suffering for a damned long time due to bad decision after bad decision. Mark my words, these next few months, maybe even weeks, or days will be the moments that decide the fate of the US, and even America. If it's War, not even the gods can help us. If it's diplomacy, there may be hope for restored peace.

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