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We Live In A Completely Fake World

Once you realize that everything you've been taught is a lie, the world is an illusion and you recognize that you're in a matrix, surrounded by others that don't see it as clear as you do, it's hard to go back to oblivion. It's also a harsh realization that we are In a time of separating the wheat from the tares. Not everyone will have ears to hear and sight to see. And the system thrives on stripping away cognitive critical thinking and analysis through social engineering and behavioral manipulation. This is to effectively keep the sheeple functioning as hamsters on the wheel of this matrix beast system by detaining and distracting their minds,-to prevent the veil of deception from being lifted to uncover truths about this holographic reality. Many are either too comfortable being hamsters on the wheel and blinded by their love of money and materialism, or they have been so seduced by this beast system that they refuse to wake up.

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