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The Future of Bitcoin & STEEM May Be Limitless! - Jeff Berwick Talks Cryptocurrencies

 Josh Sigurdson sits down with The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick in Las Vegas, Nevada during Freedom Fest to talk about the future of the crypto-markets following the MASSIVE corrections we've seen recently.
As Jeff points out, these corrections were necessary and helped calm the markets. There were too many people rushing in and as with any market, it became over-valued and took a much needed breather.
Jeff breaks down exactly how he thinks this correction happened, what it means and how this will affect the markets in the future.

Jeff has some healthy skepticism surprisingly with the crypto-market, but of course has been on the forefront of trending cryptocurrencies since 2011.

Ethereum does not appear to be heading in the right direction as of recently which rightly concerns many.

Bitcoin can make an incredible climb/rally in the coming few years and STEEM has an incredible level of potential future demand thanks to the Steemit platform! While Bitcoin has scarcity and potential based on the ramped up future usage in commerce, STEEM has a great level of potential based on the amount of people due to flood the Steemit platform following the massive amount of censorship people face on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course YouTube.

Jeff also goes into "The Berwick Effect" where his forecasts often appear to cause corrections or rallies and how he best trends future events in the cryptocurrency markets.

Stay tuned for more from WAM at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas!

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