Monday, July 31, 2017

Surprising New Trend in 2017 That Will Leave You Speechless!

Surprising New Trend in 2017 That Will Leave You Speechless!  

Sex robots will probably be used for some automation jobs. Women have to compete for relationships, the ones who want one. Feminism has destroyed family values.
the sex robots will result in a dramatic decline in the self centered generations reproduction, meaning lower birth rates, on top of the already negative birth rates due to the toxic chemicals, vaccines, GMO, an radiation, pollutants, which is a huge demographic issue for the Ponzi pyramid scheme economic model most societies are dependent on, but that economic system is going to collapse anyway when robots can do the work of people an think 24x7x365 without vacation or breaks, it is infinite material wealth but infinite material wealth for who, cui bono? modern society would inevitable extinct itself leaving the luddite Amish religion to conquer the earth an for future generations of luddite Amish to scratch their heads about how to safely shutdown the hundreds of obsolete nuclear power plants they inherit from the previous civilizations an with horse an buggy transport an bury the waste. Just imagine Armies of luddite Amish fighting Army's of droids from the robot breakaway civilization, alternatively, perhaps the luddite amish will find their future civilization serving the robot civilization by mining the radioactive waste by pick an shovel an delivering it by horse an buggy to the break away robot civilization so they can build vessels to explore the universe. Even if there were no robots at all the demographics indicate that the luddite Amish will be the majority of America's population in 100 years if immigration ceased.

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