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Secrets of the Deep State Revealed

 Anonymous Patriots Thomas Paine and John Barnwell discuss the secret mechanisms of the Deep State which are losing the battle against the "Trump Effect." Key Deep State groups and players are described who comprise a network of "fake intelligence" and "perception management" opposition research groups that control the propaganda war against Americans through the Main Stream Media.

Washington D. C. fixers like Comey, Mueller, and Rosenstein are standard players who cover up the crimes of the Bush, Clinton, and Obama crime cartel - the rogue CIA-White House. Their standard tools for controlling Congress are blackmail, extortion, cronyism, graft, nepotism, bribery called lobbying, off-shore payoffs, and a share in the illegal human trafficking, drugs, arms, and corporate rip-offs conducted by U. S. agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA, Treasury Department, and the other "intelligence" branches of the U. S. Intelligence Community.

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