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Robert David Steele - #UNRIG |The Deep State |July 2017|👁‍🗨End Of Days|Coast to Coast AM|EOD 48

 Michael opens the show by introducing tonight’s guest. Robert David Steele is an internationally acclaimed intelligence author and practitioner with 30 years of service in intelligence. He is a former CIA case officer and is co-founder of the United States Marine Corps Intelligence Command. Recently, he founded Open Source Solutions and is now the Chief Enabling Officer of Earth Intelligence Network.

The media hit job backfired. They put words in his mouth. It was orchestrated by a known pedophile to distract people from his three minutes on Alex Jones “that really mattered.” He says pedophilia is the Achilles heel of the Deep State. The face on Mars is a fact. He never said there was child slavery on Mars.

He rips apart FOX News, tells us how we’re being poisoned,
The media hit job on him has caused him to look more deeply at NASA, which he believes is co-equal to the CIA as an “evil entity.” He tells us why.

For a taste of “how evil our government has become,” he recommends two books: Trance: Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien, and Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy by Chris Thomas and Dave Morgan.
He says, “A lot of people who watch YouTube don’t read.” Burning Crap. “Most history is a lie.”

Robert believes that Vice President Mike Pence – unlike President Trump – has been fully briefed on NASA’s bases in space as well as their capabilities and will become NASA’s protector. He says NASA is home base for the Neo-Nazis that think they own the United States of America and that it’s time to shut NASA down.
Pedophilia and sodomy are being used as the elite initiation ritual and the elite blackmail ritual.

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