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RFID Implants A New Normal In Sweden - The Era Of Technocratic Enslavement Is Here

 Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about the insane acceptance of RFID chip implants in Sweden following several stories involving their use in daily life.
Though they've been used by many businesses on the work force, they're not being used for commuting.
Most recently, SJ, Sweden's railroad company has given customers the ability to get RFID implants in their hands to be scanned on trains in order to cut out the ticket process. Convenient? Well for those who want to track you they are.
There is an incredibly disturbing push for technocratic overtaking on a global scale. From centrally planned cashless systems (or a cashless society if you will) in places like India, China, Australia and Sweden, to a vast surveillance state where everyone is monitored everywhere, at all times.
When you piece together the puzzle, it becomes incredibly alarming.
From a fraudulent debt based monetary system which by design forces individuals into debt enslavement as the price of living is perpetually inflated, to market manipulation by the state which destroys small businesses, monopolizes massive industries and kills innovation, employment, competition all under the guise of stopping that very thing via taxation and regulation.
Then we have endless wars and intervention throughout the world risking our safety and creating new enemies on a daily basis. We also have the destruction of self defense through gun grabs. We have mass divide as the culture is brainwashed by public schools (indoctrination camps) and mainstream media (adult indoctrination camps).
The food and water have become unsafe to consume long term. People use the problems as the solutions to the problems and repeat.
This puzzle fits together well and not in our favor. We're being used as pawns to sacrifice for the king and the queen and it's about time we do something about it. Or forever revere the chains.

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