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Max Keiser Preparing The Biggest Economic Collapse in on AUGUST 2017

 The curtain must come down on the wicked "Wizard - Of - Zionism" ! The Zionist have been , historically , the enemy of rational mankind . When the curtain comes down on these fraudsters and , then , the public realizes that the evil and selfish Zionist are less than 1% of the population , there will be an awaking ! Yet , for now , they have most the power and control all the money , through bribery and fraud . Their acts of destruction and perversion are real , but their power is an illusion , same as the power of " The WIZARD " behind the curtain . Without central banking , they have no muscle , unless , they can convince the Anglo to murder other Anglos as they did in WW1 and WW2 . First step ? This would be to end the Zionist power : End - The - Federal Reserve banking ! End central banking !!

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