Max Keiser on The Fall of Central Banking & The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

 Josh Sigurdson sits down with Max Keiser of The Keiser Report on RT to talk about how the movement against central banking and fiat printing has grown. As time goes by people begin to catch on to the charade thanks to the efforts of people like Max Keiser in spreading the information as far and wide as possible.
Max also digs into the cryptocurrency revolution and how it shows a massive separation away from the fiat central planning, quantitative easing, fractional reserve banking and generally the manipulation we've seen for so long.
The cryptocurrency market cap has gone from 15 billion in January to its peak in June at 115 billion. This is a massive influx and threatens the very fabric of the global monetary establishment.
Max also goes into the other cashless system. The centrally planned cashless society. While there are huge moves throughout the world, like in India, China, Australia, Sweden, Canada and largely in the United States as well, Max doesn't believe the global digital currency system which top global bankers are attempting to bring into the SDR will actually prevail, but that it's simply a desperate attempt to maintain an empire.

Finally, Max breaks down why he left London where he shot The Keiser Report for quite some time. According to him, he was being threatened by the regulators to an extent "where we felt unsafe" as he said. According to Max, regulators tied to the energy industry were attempting to shut him up and he feared for his life, so for that reason he and Stacy Herbert left for the United States and continue to travel around to other countries like Mexico to film their show.

Our apologies for the low quality of the video. The halls of the conference were absolutely crowded and it was the only room we could possibly film in despite there being no light switch in the room. We had not choice. But we wanted to bring you this interview either way!

Stay tuned for more WAM videos from Freedom Fest in Las Vegas!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Max Keiser
Josh Sigurdson

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