Friday, July 28, 2017

Jim Marrs We Broke the Time Barrier

time does not exist. TIME is purely momentary. the future does NOT exist....easy enough as it hasnt happened yet...if it hasnt happened yet...then it does NOT exist. the past is only a resonance of prior segments of momentary Time, which does not exist in the NOW, therefore the past (long gone from the confines and rules of time) does not exist. since the NOW is dictated by our perception of future potential and past moments, the NOW does not exist as it only has 1 moment in time to be NOW. the Now has moved into the past, as it heads into the future. therefore TIME does NOT exist. simple enough. time does not exist in the past nor the future as it moves incriminatory from point a to point b. TIME can only be an ideological tool too track momentary happenings and/or potential of those happenings. our use of the word TIME, is erroneous to what TIME truly is not. time can only be experienced as a momentary unit of measure forever living in the NOW as the past or potential future. yet, TIME is not what we perceive as the NOW......simple enough.

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