Sunday, July 30, 2017

If Everyone Knew The Truth About THIS, It Would Change The World Overnight!

If the unwarned people knew what happens at Vatican they´d quit being catholic ASAP.

These people would have no problem nuking a whole city down just to keep their secret a secret. All top officials in FBI, CIA, Police department, Medicine, Law, Finance, Construction etc... are directly involved with all of this. How do you think they keep such a tight and closed grip on all of their illegal activities. This is how things are done and controlled in this country. They find a smart and a sick person who fits their description, put them in charge of a whole freaking system ( FBI, CIE, Police department, Law, Medicine, you name it ) give them Everything that their sick flesh desires ( money, power, sex and influence) and they become part of untouchable and secret system. They protecting a system and they are protected by the system, because all of them are part of this sick Luciferian System. No one is going to go to jail, no one will get prosecuted, because like I said before all top officials in every system are part of this sick circle and if someone within their system decides to go noble, they will be taken out without any hesitation and they would have no problem finding someone else to replace that person's position since we have no shortage of psychopaths in our society.

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