Friday, July 28, 2017

Gerald Celente | The Plan Has Been Revealed And Everyone Needs To Brace For The Impact

Who made up the B.S.??? Answer: The corporate employees of the U.S., Inc. a service corporation masquerading as the U.S. federal government in violation of the actual Constitution For the united States. Corporations are accountable under International Law overseen by the self-appointed authority of the Vatican Curia, Vatican Chancery Court and the the demon worshipping heretical "JESUIT POPE.' This country was not founded as nor was it ever intended to be a CORPORATION held accountable to foreign power under INTERNATIONAL LAW. 1. The JESUITS are nothing more than a military organization who are sworn to an oath upon their "ORDINATION" that is more diabolical than the Koran and Talmud combined. 2. The Vatican is the originator of the CORPORATE CONCEPT. Granting itself (self-appointed authority over INTERNATIONAL LAW...sounding more like the Mafioso at large? 3. Our actual Constitution provides that ANYTHING that grants power over it is UNLAWFUL AND UNENFORCEABLE. That, in itself, eviscerates the PATRIOT ACT, THE NDAA, OBAMACARE, THE CITIZENS' UNITED RULING AND ALL TRADE AGREEMENTS, including NAFTA that contain language granting corporate power over American LAW. 4. In 1991 under the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION the oath sworn to by JUDICIAL officers was changed without notification to the public. The "new" oath sworn to by "JUDICIAL" officers (Judges, Bar Association ATTORNEYS and all law enforcement officers) are no longer required to "act agreeably", that is, in conformance to the actual Constitution. Additionally, at that time, the "legislative branch" was merged with the "judicial" branch, placing the judicial squarely under the auspices of the legislative branch (congress). Translation: Since 1991, based on their UNLAWFUL CORPORATE CONSTITUTION under which the "federal" government has been...and continues to operate, there has been NO THREE-BRANCHED GOVERNMENT. See Volume 104 United States Statutes-at-Large Page 5124, otherwise shown as 104 Stat.5124 for verification. 5. Based on INTERNATIONAL LAW, corporations are prohibited from creating or enforcing LAW. They can only creates STATUTES and/or REGULATIONS which are not ENFORCEABLE AS LAWS. Doing so is a violation of INTERNATIONAL LAW!! 6. Our actual constitution, not to be confused with their look-alike, sound-alike CORPORATE constitution, was LAWFULLY amended on March 12, 1819. The unchanged thirteenth amendment that was ratified by Virginia, the last required state, commonly known as THE TITLES OF NOBILITY AMENDMENT that took almost nine years (1810-1819) to create and was LAWFULLY RATIFIED reads as follows" "If any citizen of the United States shall accept claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility, or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." That eliminates the majority of the UNLAWFUL CORPORATE senate & congressional members because they are Bar Association members who are sworn to an oath to serve the British Queen and operate under the title of "Esquire" which is a TITLE OF NOBILITY. THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN CORPORATE EMPLOYEES who are ACCOUNTABLE UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW...not American law. Most importantly, the GLOBAL ESTATE TRUST was being accomplished more than 200 years ago...before the American Revolution. That Trust is the LARGEST CORPORATE CONGLOMERATE and interlocking directorate on earth with four administrative hubs operated as independent international city-states (the Vatican, Westminster, Washington, D.C. and United Nations. THE POPE is the ULTIMATE TRUSTEE OF THE GLOBAL ESTATE TRUST. So anyone wondering why all these "Heads of State" bow when they check in at the Vatican, they're bowing to their CABAL BOSS. REMEMBER: THE U.S. INC., is a CORPORATION. How can even the most devout Christian or Roman Catholic BELIEVE that Jesus (under whatever name you know Him) ever had the intention of handing the "ownership and control" of HIS FATHER'S divine creation to the "CURRENT HERETIC IN CHARGE" of the largest corporate conglomerate on earth? So no matter the extent of wealth & power, including the ownership of GOLD, achieved by anyone on this planet, unless this diabolical myth and claim to POWER is eliminated, it's worthless.

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