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Gerald Celente: Its A Bankster Takeover Get Ready Its Started The smartest man Warns

Gerald Celente All Hell Is About To Be Unleashed!

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente thinks the economy is so weak that it must be propped up by massive fraud, and that means any black swan can sink this economic scam overnight. Celente contends, “It’s over, it’s over and that’s why gold is the ultimate safe haven to me.” What specifically is Celente watching to tip him off trouble is coming? Celente says we are watching Iran and any confrontation with Iran . . . and we are watching tech stocks and the possibility of a sell-off and also the price of oil. . . . There is too much supply and not enough demand--end of story.”

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  1. fake news nation usa of america from Bloomberg to CNN to fox news to ABC fake news, and they want to launched global. Said fake news, Bloomberg is fake news, as CNN, or fortune 500. the fake news nation on air // wall street is fake news just television . banks and media coalition if you like .!!!