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 Although 2009-2011 were tough years for most people, it was some of the best years for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki because they were prepared for the economic collapse. In this video, they give powerful insight on how to make the best of the worst economic times.

It is known that history repeats itself, but the rules of money have changed. We can all learn from the last recession of 2007 so we are better prepared for the next economic collapse. The last recession made The Great Depression of 1929 look like the mini-depression. What we survived was one of the biggest changes in world history. It’s one of the reasons we continue to be educators and continue to join forces with likeminded people.

Robert and Kim have teamed up with The Real Estate Guys to teach you how you can prepare for the upcoming economic collapse. The Real Estate Guys are best known for their real estate radio show and their years of real estate expertise. The four of them together are a powerful wealth of knowledge that you shouldn’t pass up.

If you felt the impact of the last economic collapse, it's likely because you didn't have enough financial education. The question is, “What are you going to do about it?” Are you going to just sit there and do like most people do, hope and pray? Or are you going to take action?

The biggest wake-up call for everyone is on the horizon, as Robert and many others have predicted, and if you don’t want to be left behind you must increase your financial IQ.

To be prepared for the next economic collapse you should answer these questions:

What do you know?
Who do you surround yourself with?
Who are your mentors, teachers and coaches?
How do you financially educate yourself?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting to see if something happens; they react rather than act. Right now, you should want to learn more, get smarter, do new things, because if you’re reacting it’s already too late. You’ve missed your chance.

Rich Dad is about a new way of thinking about money. We're about unleashing the human spirit and elevating the financial well-being of humanity. We're about seeing you thrive while others simply survive. We believe that Knowledge is the New Money and that many of our world's financial problems are a result of financial ignorance. That's why we've made financial education our #1 priority. We believe a financially intelligent people will be a prosperous people—and a free people.

Share your thoughts below on how you plan on preparing for the next economic collapse!

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