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Why School Makes Us Stupid

In this video I rant about the education system and look at how school not only makes us stupid but is a big reason why our world is full of so many uneducated people. 

I've learned way more "wasting my time" on the internet than I have sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day.
School is a prison for 8-9 hours a day.

There is no point in school and those old timers who say it means something are simply mindfucked by the elites society, you learn nothing but bullshit in school and your grades mean nothing, and those who think you're smarter because you get "good grades" think again, in your mind you're thinking "i am going to get a good job and be successful and have all the money" guys like that make a perfect pawn for the elites, and when you retire as an old as man/woman you will realize you waisted your life for something in reality that is worth nothing.

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