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Warning: The Time To Dump The Dollar Is NOW. By Gregory Mannarino

 Capricorn Bitcon is a worse than the dollar.. if the GOV wants to cut you off from any cryptocurrency they can do it with the flip of a switch do not put all your money into any cryptocurrency I don't care what anybody tells you because just think when your cell phone's not working just think when that computers not working just think when the internet is not working that's the time you'll need your cryptocurrency your best bet is probably have silver or gold in hand but this crypto is just a money-making scheme that's why they keep wanting you to go to another website and join that and help him out there it's always something don't give up any tangible good for a crypto digital currency now you want to trade it in hand today gone tomorrow because you made a dime that's the way to go do not invest into this Bitcoin do not invest into this cryptocurrency scheme trade it make money off of it but don't have it as your investment

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