Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The U K finally releases its TOP SECRET UFO files
 The British Government is within the method of declassifying and releasing its entire archive of unidentified flying object files. Nick Pope worked on these files, wrote several of the documents in them, and – through his many media interviews – has been the general public face of the release method. the subsequent Q&A with Nick Pope is drawn from previous interviews. It provides an summary of the release of the files and is additionally designed to be a quotable resource for journalists covering the story.

UFO and alien truth seekers are awaiting the release of eighteen MoD

Finally! The UK has finally released an official government UFO dossier referred to as ‘Britain’s X-Files’. The Ministry of Defense—MoD—has released a batch of top secret UFO files that according to ufologists are evidence that we have been visited by aliens. Interestingly, only 15 out of 18 files were released, prompting many to suggest the MoD is still hiding the ultimate evidence of aliens. I mean who can blame them right? If you are ging to release top-secret files, why hold on to three of them and release only fifteen? It’s only logical for people to think something is being covered up, right? Anyway, while the papers have been ‘released’, they have still not made their way to the internet. If anyone wants to take a peek at the top-secret files, they need to first make an APPOINTMENT with the Government Archive in London in order to do so.

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