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They lied big time !!! Phone towers are basically EMP weapons at will

This is no joke people, and at the power level most of them are putting out at present, they are effecting everyone biologically, and causing death through brain tumors and many cancers. Many people are going to say, the government would never allow such a thing to happen, but you have to remember this, those people in power have been in power for a very long time, and they intend to stay in power by what ever means they deem necessary. This weapon is invisible, and it is effecting our minds as well as our bodies make no mistake about it folks. So what are you going to do about it. ? Phone towers are microwaving us very slowly at present, but they can crank up that power any time they like.

Also many people have had dreams and visions of an EMP strike on the USA. What if this strike was a false flag done by our own government, and not by a bomb dropped from a Chinese or Russian plane, but only made to appear that way, just like the false flag 9.11 event. Make no mistake about it folks, the shadow government wants to take the USA down, so they can implement their NWO plans.

Please note folks, anyone is free to down load my video's, BUT PLEASE GIVE THEM ANOTHER TITLE NAME , THUMB NAIL AND CATEGORY. I see copies of my video's around the place, but they are using the exact same thumb nail and description, this is no good because they will be hidden away among"st thousand of other video,s. So give the video a new name at least, and leave a link back to my channel as the original up-loader. Thank you.

Stay strong in the Lord, and fear nothing, just be alert to what is going on, and inform as many others as you can.

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