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The Trap Has Been Set For The Criminal Empire, It's Only A Matter Of Time

Trump heads to the Supreme Court with his travel ban the 9th Circuit Court shoots it down once again. Comey has protected Hillary Clinton and during her brief investigation he did not record or take notes, but during Trump's dinner with Comey he thought Trump would lie and took notes. Where are the notes? Comey told his story and now it's AG Sessions turn. Gallup says people do not trust the government, they think most in government are corrupt. Philippine troops raise the countries flag to give the troops support as they battle the IS. Qatar is now accepting ships from Oman. Iran and Russia are now speaking out, reporting that the US (deep state) has been supporting the IS. The deep state is now being trapped by Trump and team, they are being exposed. The next event might be a grid down scenario orchestrated by the deep state.

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