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President Trump Annihilates Democrats Again As “Deep State” Clinton Mole Uncovered

Anonymous: President Trump Annihilates Democrats Again As “Deep State” Clinton Mole Uncovered

President Donald Trump has, once again, annihilated his leftist-communistic Democratic Party foes, while at the same time, US intelligence operatives loyal to him have uncovered another “Deep State” mole linked to Hillary Clinton—and that has led the US Department of State to reopen the email case against Hillary Clinton and her “circle of national security criminals”. even prior to his taking office, President Trump has been under constant assault from the “Deep State” and mainstream propaganda “fake news” media attempting a coup d’etat against him, but whose only actual victory has been the destruction of Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party—and as evidenced by the Democratic Party shockingly reporting that it was only able to raise a paltry $4.7 million and having only $8.8 million on hand, while at the same time, Trump's Republican Party has raised a staggering $61.9 million with their having $41.8 million on hand. Even worse for the “Deep State” aligned Democratic Party, is that of the millions of dollars it has been able to raise this year, it has, in essence, been “arsonated” in their attempting to win US Congressional House races they have deluded themselves into believing they could win. Yesterday's latest example of this Democratic Party delusion, occurred in the State of Georgia where a leftist-communist named Jon Ossoff attempted to beat Trump's Republican Party candidate Karen Handel and though Ossoff was flooded by the Democratic Party with nearly seven-times the money Handle had available to her in the most expensive House race in US history, was soundly defeated by Trump supporters who thunderously chanted his name during Handle's victory celebration, while Ossoff's supporters, like those of Hillary Clinton before him, were left shattered and in tears. Driving the “Deep State” and its mainstream propaganda “fake news” media allies to the point of absolute madness, is the American people awakening to how much they’ve been manipulated by lies and dishonest reporting—and proved no exception in the State of Georgia election with these “fake news” charlatans proclaiming that President Trump's approval rating had plunged to 36%, when no such thing happened as the polling company Rasmussen showed his approval rating at 50%--and who was the ONLY polling organization that told the truth that Trump would become president. And as the “Deep State” and its mainstream propaganda “fake news” media allies have been driven to madness by the American people no longer believing their lies, they have been further pushed to the “edge of insanity” over President Trump being able to go over them and talk directly to his citizens via social media, and that they can’t stop him from doing no matter how hard they try and whose social media followers now number over 109 million to include, 32.6 million followers on Twitter @Real Donald Trump, 18.9 million followers @POTUS, 14.7 million followers @White House, 22.4 million followers on Facebook at Donald J. Trump, 1.7 million followers on Facebook at President Donald J. Trump, 8.3 million followers on Facebook at White House, and 10.6 million followers on Instagram at @Real Donald Trump and @White House. At the same time that President Trump is devastating Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party, his Trumpian forces moving in on the “Deep State” are making progress too and as evidenced by Trump's Special Prosecutor, Robert Muller, now targeting the Iranian-American businessman Bijan Rafiekian (aka Bijan R. Kian) whom the SVR has identified as being a “Clinton mole”. Important to note about Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, is his long “hatred/disgust” with Hillary Clinton following her issuing to him (when she was the Obama regimes Secretary of State), on 16 August 2009, when he was FBI Director, a secret “action request” ordering him to hand over to the SVR a sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) in a “secret plane-side tarmac meeting” in Moscow that violated all normal US and Russian protocols and procedures for the transfer of such deadly atomic materials. To the Hillary Clinton “mole” Bijan R. Kian now being targeted by Special Prosecutor Muller, he was “inserted/placed” into a company named Flynn Intel Group founded by General Mike Flynn—who was the Obama regimes Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Bijan R. Kian, became Hillary Clinton's “mole” in General Flynn's company one week after President Trump announced his candidacy in July, 2015—and became that companies Vice Chairman Of The Board of Directors. At the time Bijan R. Kian became associated with General Flynn's Flynn Intel Group, he was, also, the Chairman of The Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of a company named GreenZone Systems, Inc and that in August, 2015, began merger negotiations with a shadowy “Deep State” intelligence software company named SAIFE, and that was completed on 27 April 2017. Important to note about SAIFE, is that was, in fact, the “main/central” secret communication link between Bijan R. Kian and Hillary Clinton facilitated by that companies Vice President of Operations and Chief Legal Counsel, named Justin Freeh, who aside from being a former US Navy intelligence officer, is the son of President Bill Clinton's FBI Director Louis Freeh. With both former FBI Director Louis Freeh and his son Justin Freeh being suspected members of the Catholic Church organization known as Opus Dei, they were both natural “Deep State” allies with Hillary Clinton's intention to destroy both America and President Trump so much so, in fact, Louis Freeh, in 2009, became a citizen of Italy in case their plot to carry out their coup d’etat failed and he needed to escape the US. To how the Clinton-Freeh-Opus Dei coup plotters utilized their “mole” Bijan R. Kian against President Trump, was to destroy Trump's National Security Adviser General Flynn and that they successfully accomplished by Bijan R. Kian secretly negotiating without General Flynn's knowledge a $600,000 contract with Turkey saying that the Flynn Group would represent their interests in the US. Even more insidious then Bijan R. Kian making this deal with Turkey, that General Flynn was unaware of, Kian then hired a writer named Hank Cox to fine tune an article praising Turkey he had written—and that Kian then had published in The Hill under General Flynn's name—and that Hank Cox was kept in the dark about with his stating, “I assumed since Bijan was the one who hired me, that he had written it and with Cox being baffled when he learned the op-ed had appeared under Flynn's name further said “I was only vaguely aware of General Flynn at the time but I had no idea I was working for him or his company”. By Bijan R. Kian's treachery, General Flynn was, indeed, destroyed leaving President Trump no recourse but to fire him as his National Security Advisor, but at the same time still praising him as a “good guy” and asking then FBI Director James Comey to pursue Hillary Clinton for causing it all, and when Comey refused, firing him too. Though former FBI Director Comey failed to go after Hillary Clinton and her “Deep State” allies trying to destroy President Trump, the same cannot be said of Trump's State Department who is now moving against her to not only cancel her security clearance, but have, also, opened up a new investigation into her handling of classified and top secret emails for which she can still be criminally charged for abusing—and that Special Prosecutor Muller is hot the heels of too

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