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MIKE MALONEY The Next Economic Crash Is Going To Be Horrific on August 21, 2017

MIKE MALONEY | The Next Economic Crisis Will Be Devastating on August 21, 2017

perfectly presentation of both of you. Gold, silver etc are insanely been criminally manipulated down, heartlessly shortening deep down and at the same time with the proceeds pumping up specific stocks! The evil banksters are profiting billions on both sides of the trades. We must join forces and break the back-bones of these criminal banksters and satanic rich manipulators! Let's join forces and devastate these heartless, cold-blooded , selfish bandits!Mostly Zionists collusion...We have now the power of the internet and social mecial and alike7s go powerfully demolish these greed robbers. it only depends on our determination to create a global leadership to crash these psychopath criminals against society as a whole!

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