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I asked a rabbi what would happen if the Jews did not rule the world...he said with Jewish control you have well organized and planned chaos....a world without Jewish control will be one of total chaos feeding on more chaos until we kill each other and no one is left standing...this is true

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  1. not the JEWS the NAZI-ZIONIST , which is not the same, israel is a corporation a busyness not a nation neither a religion is just a fake news, nation, dogma for zombies made in the USA OF AIPAC // engineered in london : same as the FED// better stop putting all JEWS ON THE SAME BOAT//

  2. america is a convenient nation, convenient, not the most powerful quite the opposite, a powerful nation has powerful citizens, america does not have powerful citizens it has powerful personal individuals/ that are in america for one sole reason economics, money, they care a less who dies or survive americans are expandable ; they are the elites in america but they are independent individuals/ they care about themselves only / reason of brain drain which is the wrong way to classified those that immigrate from france to washington /

  3. these idiot will get nowhere same as usa of zombies too bad facts show now and will in the coming future trump is an actor which is a fact of the end of these political individuals

  4. forget this joker america is gone and that was programed even before 1776 so what can these joker get but the wheel of time and a future that they do not understand


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