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Carry Cash? You’re Suspicious

 A short while back, I received one of Mark Nestmann's messages to all on his
 mail list with the above subject line. Since I do carry a lot of cash ,
I obtained the report that he was selling.
 Great information! I will copy his letter to you, below

 Jack Luna

(This is a copy of Mark Nestmann's letter:)

I don’t know about you, but I still use cash wherever I go.
It’s private. It doesn’t leave a trail attached to my name.

 It can’t be hacked by some kid in a basement.
But according to the highest court in the land,
that makes me suspicious.
You see, the Supreme Court has ruled that carrying cash is strong evidence
 of a link to drug trafficking.
Look, I’m not a drug trafficker or a terrorist.
I just like paying with cash. Is that so suspicious?
Well, according to the Supreme Court, YES.
If I’m pulled over by the feds and I’ve got more than $1,000 in my car,
they are legally allowed to confiscate it.
No questions, no arrest.
 They just take it to investigate. It’s called “civil forfeiture”
and it’s 100% legal.
It sounds ludicrous, I know.
But the government used this legal process to steal more money

 from US citizens than burglars did ($5 billion).
By that logic, we should be more scared of law officers than robbers.
Next time you see flashing blue lights, ask yourself, are you carrying cash?
If the answer is “yes,” you should be very worried.
Want to learn how to stop this process dead and retain your right to cash?
PS. Living in fear and worry is no good for anyone.
I’ve learnt that the best thing you can do is educate yourself,
 and take action. I hope this helps.

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