Suppressing the Truth About Seth Rich

 Good morning, I’m still reporting on Suppressing the Truth About Seth Rich, 1648

Synopsis: San Diego-based One American News Network, which added $100,000 to the pot to be awarded to whoever turn’s in Seth Rich’s killer, has just released a new report on their findings on the murder of Mr. Rich, but so far, none of us have had the opportunity to read it.
Why? On Thursday, one day before the report was to be released, and 5 days after we announced the search for Dr. Anon, an OANN representative took to the message board 4chan appealing for help in locating Dr. Anon too.
According to ZeroHedge this morning:
“Within minutes of the post, OAN's website was taken offline in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.”
By this morning, the overall OANN website was back up, but the report, itself, has disappeared from their page.
Just another in a series of coincidences? Unlikely. Someone or some entity is very determined to be sure that Seth Rich’s murder should not be thoroughly investigated. Eventually, this mountain of circumstantial evidence will probably overwhelm whoever is being paid to bury the story, but the biggest print media player of them all is still among those determined to not have the truth come out.
Friday’s NYT continues the current MSM tactic of trying to shame those who still seek answers to Rich’s death – calling them “demented detectives”. In another era, both the NYT and the Wash Post would, of course, have been part of that investigative pack, but not today. No, today, they shill for the Clinton cabal where the inside political players divide up mountains of illicit gain – the very hallmark of the Clinton Foundation.
It is the NYT that should be ashamed, but they are so desperate for their piece of that cash to hold their seedy, propagandistic, stories-for-play operation together for yet another year, that they either can’t see how transparently lopsided their coverage is, or they are too desperate to care.

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