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Michael Moore Unleashes Plan To ‘Bring Down’ Trump…

 Michael Moore decided that he would try to “bring down” President Trump by putting on a Broadway show. “Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting president,” he asked.

The Broadway Show will be a one man show starring himself. Apparently he wasn’t able to get anyone else interested. “It’s a humorous play about a country that’s just elected a madman — I mean, there’s really no other way to put it,” said Moore. Someone should write a play about an angry fat man who’s dumb enough to think he can take down the President with a play.

“Can something like this unravel an unhinged man. I think that discombobulation might be our most effective path to undoing his presidency,” said Moore. He’s serious. He really thinks his play will make a difference.

He describes his show, not like a comedy show or a Ted Talk but “A piece of entertainment for people who like to think.” Apparently Michael Moore doesn’t think it’s possible to disagree with him and be someone who ‘likes to think’.

“I think people will find themselves laughing one minute and wanting to go look for some pitchforks and torches the next,” said Moore. The play is called “The Terms of My Surrender”. Do you think it will be a flop?

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