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Karen Hudes : The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY

Karen Hudes, having 20 years with world bank, explains how the USA will file bankruptcy to bring down the CABAL / Illuminati in 2017

 Mrs Hudes is right about some VERY important things related to financial crime, black-ops and banksters. She DO know the IMF-system and the Netork of Global Control. Anyone able to read some history knows that her assumptions/knowledge about the vast amounts of gold hidden away is right. Moreover, today we know that it was aquired by a "black nobility", who used criminal means to gain financial and political power already in the Roman republic. Later they were able to make Rome into a "imperial" dictatorship, putting their own "procelytes" at the helm of the politics and military. Running the worlds largest army they were able to conquer and loot the gold-rich Celts. France alon had 370? goldmines in pre-Roman time. When the last mine was empty the 'black nobility' and their loot had left the 'imperial' cleptocracy collapsing. A good geneeration later their descendants could return with the help of bysantian mercenaries create a much better, even a "Holy" 'Roman Empire'. With which they conquered and looted every castle, temple, hall and gravemound in the rest of Northern Europe. After a halt in the new, Roman cleptocracy the western vasalls - weaponized with canonballs and gunpowder - where able to effectively conquer Meso-America. Less than two decades after 1492 the CONVOYS (soon 21-28 ships) started crossing "Mare Oceanus" - shipping enormous amounts of gold, silver and emeralds from "Terra Fortunata". Each ship ("Galley") where built to take 30-50 tons of metall and/or stone along the keel... Combining historical documents from Spanish and other libraries it's clearly a strong connection between this insane amount of looted gold where hidden back home in Europe, later also in Spanish Philiphines. As the Pope was subject to a copy of each shipload reaching Spain or Portugal, the rulers of the 'holy' Vatican world - residing in Venice or Vienna - would be in control of ALL the loot. The quantum of aquired gold is estimated to be between 700.000 to 1.200.000 tons. The family that still runs this league of oligarchs are definitly in charge of 90% of all banking and financing that's going on in this world. As long as their collective loot remains a secret - and they can keep pushing their goldbars around, to buy of WHOEVER and whatever they need to gain their world-wide, full-spectral ambitions...

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