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America First? China Is Dominating Global Technology

 China is a fast-growing country and has some breakthroughs in some areas. But they are still very limited. The U.S. is still absolutely dominating in hitech and industrialization. It will take at least half century for China to catch up the U.S if the development continues. Modern productivity is driven by technology mainly. However, technology is advanced by human beings. If everyone is created equally, ideally, China should have four times in man powers than the U.S. More intellectuals will work in every single field. The development should be faster in China in the long run. Even if a Chinese is half smart and hardworking as an American, China's economy should be twice size as the U.S's eventually. So it should not be treated as a threat to the rest of the world, especially the US. Chinese people are simply striving for a better life as most people in the rest of the world. That is it.

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