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Is the US Going to Nuke Itself?

 Our government s full of, and controlled by, extremely soulless, evil, greedy, heartless monsters. I'm 63 and I've been watching and listening to their "fear porn' all of my life. Early 60's jump under your desk during "the Russians are coming" drills at school. We all thought we were going to die when the Bay of Pigs took place. Then, President Kennedy was assassinated when I was in the 3rd grade. Then around 1963/4 I heard of Vietnam for the first time... that was another FalseFlag brought on by the Bay of Tonkin lie. That war lasted until I was a grown woman, of course there was always some poor country getting bombed under Daddy Bush, including Panama (watch Panama Deception) if you really want to see how sick this bastard is, not to mention headlines of him getting midnight visits from young boys while in the WH... I digress. Of course then we had the Clinton horror years, with that psychopathic wife of his running the government while he was busy using interns as his cigar humidor...sick creatures. They managed to carry out a satanic ritual in WACO where our men, women, and children were roasted alive, just like would happen years later when over 3,000 souls lost their lives on September 11, 2001, when our buildings were nuked on live TV, deemed one of the most watched snuff films ever recorded. If you're not familiar with the photo of Dick Cheney watching the Towers burn with his feet up on his desk, look it up..another sick bastard. I could write a book/s on all of the "fear porn" I've listened to during my life, and if you don't use it to your advantage, it will truly kill you with worry. So, the so called "elites", "leaders", 'people we count on" are nothing more than extremely soulless, evil, greedy, heartless monsters.Our survival will be up to us, not them, only US.

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  1. the worlds population is divided in two on one side you got palestinians which are the 7 billions that get punished and on the other you got the global zionist "israels" which are the exceptional people that exist outside the law, G W BUSH belongs to the zionist israel side some call them globalist, while the citizens worldwide is just a palestinian