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After years of experience in the global stock markets I am convinced that the stock market will initiate a severe crash very soon ( likely aroud summer of 2017). There are various levels and types of risks in the markets, in the economy, in US and global politics, uncertain elections, on-going current and potential wars, civil unrests around the world, extreme criminal manipulation of markets (gold, silver, stocks, housing, absolutely unrealistic low volatilities in the mkts e.g. VIX-VXX etc,), hugh debit bubbles ripe to burst everywhere and at any time without notice, etc. Very few times in history we had a combined allignement of several significant risks playing at the same time...we are entering into a perfect storm! I am not a financial adviser but, in my opinion, investors should GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET RIGHT N-O-W, sell the stocks off asap because when the smart (criminal) money firms/ bankersters and the hedge funds heartless manipulators start rushing altogether for the exit, like a heard of cattle running from an explosion, the naive investors will be taken off-guard and lose terribly their hard earned money and retirements, as usual.

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