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Central Banks Prep For The Collpase By Shifting The Narrative

Home Capital Bank is trouble and bank runs are accelerating. Commercial loan delinquencies are rising again. The student loan system is not working, there has been a hold on those who defaulted and these individuals are receiving interest and penalties while an investigation is underway. Bernanke is making a case of why tax cuts are not good at this time, he says the economy is doing well and there is not need. Fed Marsh is worried that the last time the Fed was in agreement the entire system crashed. The Fed is now pushing to create a narrative that the economy is fine while in the background they are prepping the crash.

Aetna CEO says that Obamacare is failing. Yates testifies in front of congress and nothing has been accomplished. Macron wins election which means nothing will change in France and the system will collapse with the EU in charge. The situation in Venezuela is getting worse so Marco Rubio is submitting a bill to have regime change. South Korean election are coming up on May 9th, and those who want a conflict with NK do not want the front winner to win. Saudi Arabia threatens to attack Iran, and Iran threatens to retaliate. Haftar in Libya is getting rid of the terrorist groups. The Syrian de-escalation zones are working and violence has decreased. Eager Lion drills begin in Jordan.

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