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Can Le Pen Win Tomorrow?

 France goes to the polls 14 hours from now, and the last polling shows Emmanuel Macron with a 20-point lead over Marine Le Pen.
Le Pen’s fate, as well as the future of France, now rides on the size of the French “Monster Vote”. French political scientist, AurĂ©lien Preud'homme, still proclaims that the race could easily result in an upset based only on voter turnout.
He says that if Le Pen was able to turnout 90% of her voters and a weakened Macron can only turn out only 70% of his; Le Pen wins with 50.025% of the vote.
On Thursday, Wikileaks released damaging banking documents showing that Macron – the Rothschild banker - has been hiding large bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Macron initially blamed the Russians for the hack, then called the documents forgeries.
However, signature pages were included and 24 hours later a French documents examiner attested that the signatures were genuine. Subsequently, Macron had to backtrack - admitting that the signatures are genuine, but because the Russians hacked them, the documents somehow shouldn’t count in the minds of the French voters.

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