Ben Fulford May 30 2017 US and Russia to put the squeeze on Rothschild controlled France and Germany

the best of the best in the seth rich case is that the fbi has up to this minute not investigated the seth rich murder, never looked at his computer, took whatever the d.c. police came up with (robbery with nothing taken) and "went with it". julian assange offers a reward, says he's concerned, many, many people on the internet maintain hillary clinton killed seth rich and up to four others that summer she was chasing the presidency and the fbi doesn't look at his computer? nancy drew or the hardy boys would have. this seems a near exact parallel with the n.i.s.t. report on how building 7 fell down. they excluded the possiblility of explosions having done it from the start, then they started the investigations. the fbi determined that the russians hacked into the dnc servers (lots harder to do than copy them internally, i believe) from the start, then they started the investigations. i mean who is to say that seth rich was not a russian spy or a trump mole or both? it doesn't take sherlock holmes or even a baker street irregular to notice that someone who was a data analyst at the dnc and was murdered between the time the data was stolen and it became public is a lead that should be followed very completely and certainly to the extent of a thorough forensic search of his computer, phone, whatever. that the fbi did none of this shows that they are more incompetent than is believable or that they are crooked. also stupid for thinking this preposterous story would fly even if hillary clinton were president. they tried harder with 9-11. they have gotten sloppy, lazy and wildly overconfident with this most recent atrocity.

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