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Anonymous: Young Russian Offered $15 Million And US Citizenship In “Deep State” Plot Against Trump


former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey
controlled a 173 BILLION “Deep State” slush fund designed for the sole
purpose of destroying President Donald Trump of which, at least, $15
million of was “offered” by the FBI to a young Russian man if he lied
and said President Putin authorized a computer hack against the campaign
 of Hillary Clinton

 during this past weeks meeting in the White House Oval Office, Foreign
Minister Sergey Lavrov confronted President Trump as to why the US
mainstream propaganda media had not told the American people about the
26 April grave warning issued by Lieutenant-General Viktor Poznihir,
Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed
Forces, that the Operations Command of the Russian General Staff has
concluded that the United States is preparing a nuclear first strike on

In his stunning and shocking reply to Foreign Minister Lavrov, President
 Trump related (and provided documents to support) that he had yet to
wrest full control of his government from his “Deep State” enemies of
whom, it was alarmingly revealed this past August (2016), had
“disappeared/stolen” over 6.5 TRILLION from the US Department of Defense
 to finance their operations against him with.

Heading the “Deep State” intelligence operation to destroy President
Trump, was Director Comey, who was given an astonishing 173 BILLION
slush fund budget from these stolen 6.5 TRILLION monies and through
which he was able to provide payment to the vast Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA) network that controls nearly all of the US mainstream and
that nations academic institutions for their now hourly “fake news”,
research articles and poll attacks against Trump.

Central to Director Comey's main intelligence operation against
President Trump, was his creating of what is called the “Russia Hacking
Meme”—that describes an entirely made up story that Russia hacked the
2016 US presidential election to support Trump against Hillary Clinton,
and an equally entirely made up document called the “Trump Russian
Dossier” that was created by an American political opposition research
company named Fusion GPS, and paid for by as yet unidentified Hillary
Clinton supporters.

Critical to note about Director Comey's “Russia Hacking Meme”, was that
it involved the computer servers of Hillary Clinton's Democratic
Party—whose stunning contents were hacked and released by Wiki leaks—and
 that Wiki leaks to this day states Russia had not been involved with.

The “main/central” problem with Director Comey's “Russia Hacking Meme”,
though, was that the FBI never examined the computer servers he claimed
Russia hacked—with Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party saying the FBI
never asked to examine them, and the FBI saying that they did ask for
them but were refused.

With the FBI, therefore, not being able to examine Hillary Clinton's
Democrat Party computer servers, Director Comey then claimed that a
Clinton funded and supported private company named Crowdstrike, who said
 Russia hacked into these computer servers, was to be believed above all
 else but, whose claims of Russia hacking have proven to all be lies,
and who are now refusing to cooperate with the US Congress too.

So completely discredited, in fact, was Director Comey's claim that
Crowdstrike should be believed in their Russia hacking claims, one of
the world's leading cybersecurity experts, Jeffrey Carr, scathingly
rebuked him in a withering research document titled “Can Facts Slow The
DNC Breach Runaway Train” that smashed every single Crowdstrike Russian
hacking claim and wherein Carr stated:

“The metadata in the leaked documents are perhaps most revealing: one
dumped document was modified using Russian language settings, by a user
named “?????? ??????????,” a code name referring to the founder of the
Soviet Secret Police

OK, Raise your hand if you think that a G R U or FSB officer would add
Iron Felix's name to the metadata of a stolen document before he
released it to the world while pretending to be a Romanian hacker.
Someone clearly had a wicked sense of humor.

With his “Russian Hacking Meme” falling apart, Director Comey then set
his sights on a relatively minor 29-year-old Russian hacker named
Yevgeniy Nikulin, whom the Federal Security Service  had issued an
arrest warrant for due to charges that he had stolen $3,450 in a cyber
theft scheme.

In early October, 2016, Director Comey discovered that Yevgeniy Nikulin
was in the Czech Republic and issued an Interpol “Red Notice” warrant
for his immediate arrest on the 5th of October and, on  the 21st of
October had him indicted by a US Attorney General in Oakland, California
 charging him with hacking into American tech companies and 6 days
later, on 27 October, issued another series of secret charges against
him no one is allowed to see.

Armed with enough known and unknown charges to keep Yevgeniy Nikulin
jailed in the US for hundreds of years, Director Comey then ordered his
FBI agents to go to the Czech Republic and offer this young man complete
 freedom by the dropping of all charges, giving him immediate US
citizenship, a free apartment for life, and payments equaling up to 15
million and all he had to do was lie and say that he hacked Hillary
Clinton's Democratic Party on the orders of President Putin.

According to Yevgeniy Nikulin's testimonial letter—shortly after
President Trump was elected, Director Comey's FBI agents (on 14-15
November 2016, and 7 February 2017) made this extraordinary illegal
offer with his affirming under oath: “…I received a proposal from A
[gent]: You will have to declare that you have broken Hillary Clinton's
mailbox for Donald Trump on the orders of Vladimir Putin, you must agree
 to extradition to the United States, here we will remove all the
charges we will give you apartment and money, American citizenship, I
refused, soon the interrogation was over, the Agent said that they would
 still come”

Caught now between Russia and the United States “Deep State”, Yevgeniy
Nikulin's own Czech Republic attorney, Martin Sadilek, has stated that
these US charges against his client are “literally” based on claims by
FBI agents who have not provided any evidence to support them—and whose
extradition hearing had to be postponed this week due Nikulin not
receiving legal documents he’s entitled to in Russian—with the next
hearing scheduled for 30 May under the tightest security the Czech
Republic can impose.

To if the American people will be allowed to know the full truth of
Director Comey's crimes against them on behalf of his “Deep State”
masters trying to destroy President Trump, remains highly doubtful due
to that nation's mainstream propaganda media never allowing these
peoples to know the truth about anything—especially how a young Russian
man named Yevgeniy Nikulin was crying in a Czech Republic prison this
past week in the arms of his mother after unwittingly becoming the
greatest pawn in the world.

And to anyone believing that Russia (or any other nation for that
matter) would ever allow one its elite intelligence agency computer
experts to leave the Federation and then be captured by a hostile
foreign power, especially one that hacked into a US election under
orders from President Putin, this report concludes, one must surely
believe in fairy tales too—like Director Comey and his “Deep State's”
entire “Russia Hysteria” war against President Trump actually is.

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