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America a 3rd world country? Ben Shapiro Ann Coulter Immigration, Homosexuality, Obama, & More

 Ben Shapiro interviews Ann Coulter regarding immigration and why she hates president Obama. When you put Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter together you get fireworks as both of these individuals are very polarizing. You pretty much love them or hate them. Agree with them or disagree with them. I agree with most of the things that Ben Shapiro says however, Ann Coulter is another story yet I found it interesting to see her and Ben together.

nationwide statistics from the FBI, ICE, DOJ, and the U.S. Sentencing Bureau estimates that on a nationwide scale not local ones where numbers would be even higher that an estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants account for 12% of murder sentences, 20% of kidnapping sent, and 16% of drug trafficking sentences. Again this is also just counting the ones who have been caught and sentenced to prison. This also relies on there only being 11.7 illegal immigrants in the United States.

To give a better example of the crime caused on a local level let's look at the statistics for Texas. In 2016 nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants were convicted of sex crimes against children in Texas alone. The statistics also show that the murder rate was as of a few years ago 3 times higher than the general American population however, now that number has grown to 10 times the general population.

The unfortunate thing is that these statistics are out there for anyone and everyone to see but if you talk about it and state the true facts you get attacked as I have many times. According to the FBI between 2003 and 2009 illegal immigrants committed around 22% of murders. The FBI goes on to say that between 2009 and the present that percentage has risen sharply to 37%.

75% of criminals on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque are illegal immigrants. 25% of all inmates in California jails are illegal immigrants, 40% in Arizona, and 48% in New Mexico. Over 53% of all burglaries in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas are committed by illegals. In Arizona a whopping 97% of illegals who are pulled over for traffic violations have no license, no insurance, and no registration.

And now to finish up my extensive research statistics illegals charged with unlawful reentry into the United States had the most extensive criminal history with 90% having prior criminal convictions. Of that 50% had been arrested for violent crimes and felonies. When you apply the average number of those currently incarcerated you get an outrageous number of crimes committed which is 1,288,619. These crimes should never happen. As Americans we have to get it through our heads that we must protect the border and not allow illegal immigrants to enter our country as it puts all of us in extreme risk not to mention the number who are in gangs and illegals who have communicable diseases.

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