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WW3: North Korea Nuclear Showdown - New Deep State Leaks

North Korea is not a chocolate cake of course.
Donald Trump is insane. Great performances at campaign rallies but a total muppet now, a POS liar who behaves like the piano player in a whore house who says he doesn't know what is going on upstairs. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican political cabal in the United States must know that Trump's behavior is "Custerism". They have to be aghast at the secret polling they have showing the extreme hatred Trump's racist and incompetent policies are engendering in large swathes of the electorate. If the New York City Fire Department's arson squad was not filled with corrupt fire fighters, Jared Kushner would already have been charged with hiring torches to clear out tenants in his buildings. Mayor DeBlasio will keep silent, he belongs in prison for aiding and abetting his pal Capalino's emptying out the Rivington Street nursing home, scoring a $70 million payoff from Chinese Triad investors.

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