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The Deep State is Deeper Than People Thought -- David Icke

David Icke 'Prophecy' - What He Said The Day Trump Was Elected, Tuesday, 8 November 2016
By now even the most ardent Trumpies should be able to realize that he is one of them, always was, always will be, same as Obama, Bush, Clinton and the rest of them.... He would have not made it past the primaries like Ron Paul & Pat Buchanan.
, no one becomes a billionaire without being morally compromised. Trump was a Trojan horse. Now the damage begins....

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  1. 9/11 is the end of globalism as it is called the world's trade center, details, "3000 people die. but the realm remains WTC. is the colapse of globalism. 3000 innocents folks . better if they have being advised not to go to work than die. 3000 lives would have being save. ?