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Lies Rumors and False Flags -- Top Ten List

The, 'globalists', 'elites', 'corporate banking cartels'and anonymous nameless 'PTB' revealed: Oppenheim / Oppenheimer, (Blood diamonds in South Africa, banking, and global activities. Important members include Max von Oppenheim, Harry Oppenheimer & Nelson Mandela, Robert Oppenheimer. It was the Oppenheimers who apprenticed the Rothschilds and taught them the "banking business" in the 1700s. Rothschild / de Rothschild / Rottscheit, etc./ Bauer / Bower, etc. (Mayer Amschel Bauer changes the family name to Rothschild. Others still use the Bauer surname.) Sassoon. (Middle East, Asia, and global. Trillionaire drug traffickers.) Rockefeller. Guggenheim. Hardoon, (Asia) Marx, (related to the Rothschilds and others.) Gertler, (blood diamonds, e.g., Dan Gertler) Rosenfeld, (banking and government) Goldschmidt / Goldsmith / Goldsmid. Goldman. Sachs. Kuhn Loeb Morgan Chase Bronfman Du Pont. Kohen / Cohen / Cohn / Cahn / Kahn / Khan / Kann / Coen / Coe (e.g. Frank Coe) / Cahn / Kohn / al-Kahen / Kohan / Káhán / Kaganovich / Cahen / Caen / Maze / Mazo / Mazer (there are many. Allegedy decended from Aaron. Banking and occult importance, the ‘priestly caste’.) Safra. Saud, (descended from the Banu Qaynuqa.) Soros / Schwartz. Kadoorie, (Asia) Hilton, (e.g. married to the Rothschilds.) Vanderbilt. Additional relatives (Some are also common names, use discernment): Hess, Kahn, Koch, Stern, Belilios, Phillips, Ezra, Strauss, Salomon, Sasson, Levi, Levy, Wolf, Blumenthal. They set up tax havens and use tax dodges. Trusts are used so their wealth is tax free and bulletproof; they have the best tax attorneys money can buy. A common technique is setting up foundations that do a little philanthropic work on the side to not be too suspicious. They can use the foundations to exercise political and cultural influence. (Usually the foundations are set up under other people’s names so it won’t be so obvious that they are donating to themselves.) E.g., the Clinton Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Open Society Foundation (Soros), etc. These families set basically invented the banking system. They are sitting on trillions of hidden wealth. ‘New money’ is used to keep your attention off the families who own the banks. The old family banking money going back centuries is where it's at. They wealthiest families keep their wealth private and use use tax shelters, tax dodges, money laundering etc, so they don't appear on most lists, but their histories can be traced. The same way you can't go on the internet and look up how much wealth your friends have, it's private and not publicly disclosed. These families inbreed and intermarry with the other top families to keep the wealth concentrated. E.g., the Rothschilds did a lot of incest and cousin marrying and they admit this.

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