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Joel Skousen : 3 Senarios For Starting WWIII With North Korea

So coincidental that yesterday was the 100 year anniversary to the day of when WW1 started, April 6, 1917
I guess both Trump and Hillary wanted WWIII to happen. Being stabbed in the back by our President saying that he is anti-war but he just started a war.

Trump just sold his soul to the Globalist he is now Hillary, John McCain, George Bush and Obama all in one. We are now arming terrorists again. This is a False Flag and its sad Alex wont address it because its TRUMP! The framed Assad and Trump jumped all in.

Didn't Trump make statements in 2012 on twitter that attacking Syria after a chemical attack was ludicrous. trumps a clown exposed as just another neoconservative who lied to the American people.

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