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Gerald Celente -- Penis Cheney Calls For War!

Little Dick Cheney had NORAD stand down during the destruction of the World Trade Center. The first time ever that NORAD could not respond to an attack on America. While he was CEO of Halliburton he purchased Dresser Industries. The company had a patent for Thermite demolition devices for destroying buildings. While he was helping in the killing of Americans his Zionist friends were dancing while Americans were being crushed, burned, blown to bits and plummeting to their deaths. Little Dick was a coward and draft dodger during the Vietnam war. Much like his Zionist friends he avoided the war. Only 266 that's right 266 Jews felt American enough to give their life for their country. On Jewish web cites they increase the number to over 2000 or more. Before long it will be 6 million. These Zionist who want us to fight their wars have just banded over 70 books on Amazon. These were not porno books or books that blasphemy Christ. They were books that Questioned the Holohoax. Just check any encyclopedia published before 1960 and their is no six million killed, gas chambers or final solution. The total number of Jews killed during WWII was a little more than 100 thousand by American military count and The American Red Cross. If you don't believe me believe Christ, John 8:42-47 "You belong to your father, the Devil and you want to carry out your fathers desires. ...not holding in the truth." Christ left them Disinherited and in Desolation and gave their inheritance to the Gentiles and believing Israelites.

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