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Gerald Celente - Markets Flat, Penis Cheney Calls For War!

"Tyrants use wars and other distractions." Plato 370 BCE - & - "Before and after, war reigns happily." Nostradamus. Interesting wars are where the resources are that western countries need. The war is "over there"

taxpayer money is being used to kick this disaster down the road, right? It hasn't collapsed because the government is spending our money to prop it up. They're giving welfare to big businesses to inflate their stock prices. There's a thing called the "Plunge Protection Team" that is tasked with ensuring the stock market doesn't crash. We've been pumping billions into it for a very long time now. Had they not been doing that, the stock market would have crashed by now, there's no doubt about that. Again, the PPT is nothing more than reverse socialism where they steal from the middle-class to prop up the paper of the upper class.

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