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Coast To Coast AM - April 23, 2017 The Deep State & More

About 6 years ago, quite by accident, Mark Gorton, CEO of Tower Research and founder of finance and technology companies, took a passing interest in the assassination of JFK. His research took him on a path into the dark underbelly of the CIA, and from there, he traced a web of criminality that ran through sections of federal government and business interests. In the first half, he talked about the "Deep State," and how he's concluded that a cabal within government is the true controller of all that happens. Beyond the JFK assassination, he connected the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the careers of various presidents, the 9/11 attack, and various murders as part of the cabal's coup d'├ętat begun in 1963. Their need to cover-up past crimes motivated them to commit even more crimes, he suggested, in a never ending cycle that continues to the present day.
There were several active plots to kill JFK even before Dallas, he reported, citing a plan uncovered in Chicago, with a parallel patsy similar to Oswald. In the last 50-60 years, George H.W. Bush has been a pivotal figure within the cabal, a "crown prince of the CIA," who was behind everything from "CIA drug trafficking, Iran Contra, attempting to kill Reagan," to being what could be considered "the godfather of the 9-11 false flag attack," Gorton declared. To fight against "Deep State" tactics, he advocated legalizing drugs, creating more accountability in elections (such as through using paper ballots), and increasing transparency in such organizations as the FBI (they do not currently allow their agents to videotape interviews).

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