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Coast To Coast AM - April 21, 2017 Deceptions & Open Lines

Retired US Marshal with 26 years of federal law enforcement experience, Mark McClish is a specialist in the interview process and gives presentations on 'statement analysis' throughout the US. He has spoken at numerous law enforcement conferences and trained a variety of law enforcement agencies and military organizations to recognize the tell-tale signs of deception. He joined Connie Willis (email) to discuss deception and how we can protect ourselves from lies and those who tell them. As a training instructor for the U.S. Marshals, he taught courses in how to detect deception while questioning suspects. He indicated that people tend to tell the truth in similar ways, as well as lie in patterns that are repeated and detectable. McClish described the psychology of lying with the simple statement that some "are better than others at telling a lie, but people’s words will betray them."

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