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All Hell Breaks Loose In Venezuela

THIS IS SOCIALISM . Bernie's , Hillary's and Obama 's dream to turn our country into a shit hole where Government Rules a.k.a The new world order or one world government . Europe is using sharia law Muslims disguised as refugees by mostly Islamic military aged men to bankrupt the country and turn into a socialist hell hole too. Everyone needs to wake up and say no to socialism and no to these islamic military aged men invaders . George Soros needs to be arrested along with the other globalists .

The big baddie Tyrant Emperor Capitalist Trump should bomb the low folks of Venezuela with Big Macs, Taco bells, Hot dogs and Ice cream to rid of that those awful dictators. Just tell the Socialists in America, that they are going to be bombed with free Big government Fat food with American Flag stickers onto the ultra thin Socialist Venezuela people by the big FAT Capitalist US government. It is far cheaper than a MOAB. I call it the FAT of All Bombs #FOAB How dare Trump Fat Bomb *Cough (feed) the Venezuelan people to keep them living with even more misery!!

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