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USA At War With UFO's In Antarctica Says Wikileaks February 2017

Wikileaks USA At War With UFO's In Antarctica FEBRUARY 2017

The infamous Julian Assange has made comments in the past related to the announced release of many of his controversial intelligence leaks. he has now stated that there will be U F O related materials. recently, Wiki Leaks revealed alleged compromised Department of Defense cable communications indicating that US armed forces may be in the midst of a secret war with U F O's. According to the sources that were revealed, there was an all out alert issued by Air Force Space Command after the emergence of a large flotilla of airborne unidentified objects from the floor of the Southern Seas of the Antarctic. This armada of unknown objects headed toward Guadalajara, Mexico. It is said that Julian Assange has been falsely accused of sexual assault charges by authorities in Sweden which resulted in his arrest in Great Britain. That one of his accusers, Anna Ardin, has fled and is presently in hiding, among the Palestinians, is a strong indication that the charges, according to those familiar with government tactics, is a ploy to silence Assange's evidence.

WWIII is on it's way, bio weapons from the sky, diseases and no antibiotics, dying populations globally, the elite escape to the South Pole with their armies and scientists and live thee until the diseases wipe out the global population, then they restart the earth clock and repopulate the earth under the realm of their gods, it's their agenda!

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