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#Trump's Jewish Entourage : A quick look at JARED KUSHNER

Lets make America jewsih again, sorry to break it to you but this is most trusted advisor and the man with his foot on the throttle of tearing the country apart for good.

That is why I continue to say: Is the wall being built to keep 'them' out or to keep us in?? Think about it.The BEAST SYSTEM will take over; it is the BEAST of the SEA written about in Revelation 13 and it's name is the UNITED NATIONS. The 7 heads: 1.Egypt 2.Assyria 3.Babylon 4.Medio-Persia 5. Greece 6. Rome 7. Great Britain and finally the last beast 8. United Nations is the beast system. The image of the beast? TV, Computers, Cellphones.When martial law is called soon, every citizen will be required to register with the postal service. There is where we will get our very own personal identification number based on a bar code. The "mark" system began when they created the UPC codes for tracking inventory. Each bar code has three guard bars. One in the beginning which tells the computer to start reading the bars for the item - one in the middle which tells the computer to stop reading the item bars and begin reading the manufacturer bars and finally the last guard bar which tells the computer to stop reading. Each guard bar has two lines and these lines are longer than the bars for the items and manufacturer. Each guard bar has a value of 6. So, three guard bars are 666 - of the Beast System. A law has already been written which will require each citizen to register with the postal service after martial law is called. Each citizen will receive a new identification number. It will be in bar code form which will include a guard bar followed by our location such as 33523-2230 followed by a guard bar and then our social security number and finally the last guard bar. So, each "man" will have an ID number with a 666 in it in guard bar form within the Beast System. The new ID numbers may come in the form of cards with a RFID chip, but eventually all citizens will be required to be micro-chipped with a RFID chip which will include our new ID number. Those who refuse will not be able to "buy or sell". Finally, those who continue to refuse will be killed. Revelation 17:10-11) "And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. {11} And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition."Seven Kings (beast systems) written at the time that John was at Patmos Island: 1.Egypt 2.Assyria 3.Babylon 4.Medio-Persia 5.Greece. One is: 6. Rome ----the other is not yet come: 7. Great Britain. After the U.K. was defeated after WW2, the very same group, not the men but the group i.e. Freemasons, devised a way to corrupt the American economy. They did so by creating the Federal Reserve in 1913. After that they created the Council on Foreign Relations and its sister Council in the U.K. along with the Bank of England. These are the Freemason Bankers. They then created, the they being the U.K. and U.S., the United Nations in the 1940's. So, the U.K. was of the 7, and is of the 8th. A map of the world (7 heads/continents) has been created dividing it up into 10 regions (kings) who will eventually give their authority over to the false messiah who will rule from the U.N. The Freemasons also have plans to build a likeness of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, but we know that the temple Satan wants to reside in is our temples (bodies).The seen world is temporary while the unseen world is permanent. When our flesh body dies, the spirit returns to the Father who gave it and the soul goes either to heaven or hell. Those who have repented of their sins and debts and have given their lives over to the Savior Jesus Christ will go to the Kingdom of Heaven and those who have not done so will go down into the lake of fire and eternal torment. Please choose wisely.

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