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#Trump Controlled By The NWO Globalist Elite says David John Oates

Jeff Rense & David John Oates - SHOCKING! Speech Reversals Say Donald Trump Has Been Taken Over And Controlled By The NWO Globalist Elite

In 34 years of doing Reverse Speech, David Oates has never been more stunned by Speech Reversals than these just found on President Trump and revealed on this Jeff Rense program. Listen for yourself and hear how the Reversals disclose a sudden and massive change in the man's subconscious mind. This suggests a President who has been subjugated and conquered and is now in the firm control of the Global Elite. The conclusion is that Trump has been told that he will be President at the Elite's discretion and that he must do exactly as he is told. Having spent the last year and a half doing Reversals on Trump through the entire campaign and election, the Reversals you are about to hear bear virtually zero similarity to the man whose Reversals were always sparkling with dedication and singularity, invariably congruent and supremely patriotic and upbeat. Oates said this is the most disturbing and staggering subconscious change he has ever documented in anyone. It would explain why there have been so many changes in Trump since he won the election and why he has turned from a 'peace President' to one of NeoCon military threats
and why he has backed away from the gravest threat of all…the Islamic invasion of America.

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  1. the inside JOB nation: from 9/11, to nixon from bush 1990 to trump & hillary 2016: who would want to know what trump thinks ? or if he is abel to understand the hidden reality?, the fact is the messiah is not coming, just imagine 1776 the revolution conceived 30 years earlier a fact. however 1789 was not meant to take place in 1789 but in 1850 so by having the french revolution in 1850 the world would have being a lot better than now. and we know the messiah did not intervene knowing full well that for the french revolution to work properly it must wait until 1850., therefore only if the planet is in danger he will intervene not if humans are in danger. as there will be a renaissance. only if the planet is in danger of blowing up. which is not the case now. !!!

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