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The Deep State War on #Trump #deepstate

The real story behind the Russia hysteria.

The left will never give up. They said so after the election. War is inevitable. This is what must be.

Who are the (((Globalists))) and the (((Deep State)))?
The Jesuits are at the Top of the pyramid. The Vatican and black pope pull all of the puppet strings. High ranking Jesuits are luciferians and they want global dominance. Jesuits have infiltrated every sect of society. Many are in secret societies - and pose as charitble 'christians'. Many also pose as cypto-Jews, AND pose as muslims too. BUT they all have one aim. To rule the world with total papal power and authority. They believe they are gods. They worship Lucifer and believe they are gods. Heros. If you don't know what the Noahide laws are, study it. Because that's what American's will soon be forced to be under. Anyone who refuses to worship the papal system of religion, politics, and economics will be rounded up and sent to FEMA camps and executed. Belief in Jesus Christ is considered blasphemy and all who will not denounce this 'heresy' will be beheaded. Anyone who refuses to be RFID "chipped" will not be able to buy or sell in the new economy, and will be rounded up and 'exterminated' like rats. Rome and the Vatican are the Seat of Satan.

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