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Top 10 Creepy Yet To Happen Simpson Predictions

10 Yet to Happen Simpson Predictions: Sex Robots, Cashless Society, Trump, Human Hybrid

1. Going Online With Your Mind -
* Not as far fetched as you would imagine. We already have technology that can project your thoughts into video image form!

2. Sex Robots -
* Seems like this one would never happen, but in actuality, we already have partial sex robots and more are under development as we speak!

3. Sharia Law in America -
* With the direction Europe has been going and the recent developments in Dearborn, Michigan, it would not be too shocking if Dearborn Michigan was one day under Sharia Law!

4. Human Clones -
* Though illegal in many countries, some recent legislation allows for some testing in Europe, which shows a president for this one day actually occurring as they already have the scientific capability.

5. Cashless Society -
* Wondering why they keep changing how you pay at your local grocery store? It is because they want us one day microchipped and paying by waving your hand over a payment processor. May sound interesting to some, but in actuality it is far less secure and definitely not in your best interest.

6. Soul extraction -
* Could something this crazy be standard in the future? Well, some ancient cults (such as unto Dionysus) trapped people's spirits in icons and bracelets. The concept was they could gain soul energy from drinking their blood and trapping their souls (animal or human!)

7. President Donald Trump -
* I am sure you have seen more than one video covering the Simpson prediction of a Donald Trump Presidency. But, I am pretty sure you did not know that the elevator scene on most of these videos is a spoof, as they claim it was from the year 2000 episode about Trump, when in reality, the Elevator scene was from the 2015 episode after he did it in real life.

8. Catastrophic Enviromental Event -
* With how technology and pollution is going, could a massive environmental catastrophe occur? Consider Japan's Fukushima disaster on a much larger scale.

9. People Rejecting New Tech Control Will be Outcasts -
* Could the rich and poor divide become a different division between those with the new technology and those who reject the microchip? Could we have a mad max underbelly in some parts of our society?

10. Genetic Hybrid Animal/Humans -
* With the cloning and dna manipulation of plants and animals, would it be too shocking if your pets one day could speak and be more of a hybrid? A shocking Orwellian future!

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