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The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes

This is an incredibly succinct summary in detail of the creation of the Federal Reserve and what its existance has done to the United States of America.   This conjured up rememberances of Thomas Jeffersons quote on the private central bank and what it would mean to our nation.  He said that if we ever let it take control, that it would leave the citizens of our nation “homeless” on the land our forefathers fought so hard to preserve and to give to us.

Then there was the quote by Lincoln who said that “…. I have two enemies, I have the Southern Army in front of me, and the Bankers behind me,  and I fear the latter more”.  And then there was the 1961 speech that JFK gave and another one again in 1963, on their plans to “bring down the United STates of America”, and he gave that in 1963 just weeks before he was assassinated by them,  They are close to doing exactly what we were warned that they would do if we ever let them get control.   THIS IS A MUST WATCH.  Its the best presentation and more clear that I have ever seen, so its well worth the 7 minutes.

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