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Texe Marrs on #Trump and What The Controlled Media dare not Report

Texe Marrs on #Trump CIA and Fake News

Texe Marrs examines news and facts the controlled media dare not report: (1) “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit...” (Colossians 2:8). Watch out that vain, man-made philosophies—for example, on global warming, homosexual marriage, etc.—do not ruin your mind; (2) Liberal Democrat says Jesus came to her and said, “I am here;” (3) Wikileaks warns, “If you think 2016 was something, 2017 will blow you away!;” (4) If Russia really hacked our elections, then Russia is more powerful than the U.S.A.; (5) Celebrities go crazy complaining about Donald Trump. One even went to the forest to ask the rocks what to do!; (6) Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is defeated in election by a candidate funded over $6 million by George Soros. The new Sheriff calls illegal aliens our “guests;” (7) UN Security Council was right to censor Israel over the taking of land to build settler homes. And Secretary of State John Kerry told the truth when he said, “Israel can be a Jewish State or it can be a Democracy. But it cannot be both;” (8) New KKK reality show for TV is cancelled. Turns out the network faked the show and tried to turn it into a propaganda platform opposing white people; (9) News article from 1940 cites scientific report that Arctic ice in that year was six foot thick, which is exactly what science finds today. Conclusion: No global warming; (10) Scientific study finds that people who drink diet drinks actually gain weight; (11) Liberal TV hosts Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews and others exposed as tax cheats.

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